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Eco And Nature of this wonderful city

an unforgettable journey to pure desert

kalouts of shahdad

A city full of tall and short buildings in the middle of Lut desert, the tall institutions in 40 km of the north east which are eleven thousand square kilometers mesmerize you. It is a masterpiece of the wind, soil, and water. You find yourself on a road where you could have never imagined and its greatness makes you speechless. Kalouts are the result of wind and water erosions over thousands of years. The Luts of Iran are the greatest phenomenon of the universe and they leave you so enchanted that you may never be able to walk away from them. you feel as you have entered another universe. This is the feeling each and every one of you will experience. Although there is nobody in town as far as the eye can see, it is not deserted and maybe this seclusion is so you can find peace away from the hectic cities, however, the city isn`t lifeless and it is filled with peace and silence, an unknown secret that invites you in. Kalout is a structure made from the movement of the wind in the soft heart of soil of the desert over the years. The rain has turned soil into round shaped stone hills and these altogether create a structure which appears to be ancient. The only materials which were used there were only soil, wind, and water. No structure can stay the same forever, here the stillness of life has no meaning, this is the law of wind and water that are in this town and have changed its image. The beautiful dangled branches of stars are so within your reach that you can pick the diamonds of the night as souvenirs and always have a piece of this place with yourself.

Rageh Canyon

Rageh canyon is one of the most beautiful and unique phenomena. Rageh canyon in the desert; around the city of Rafsanjan by the length of 20 km and depth of 70 m and width of 180 m has made a perfect image. The interesting thing is the permanent flow of Giudarg lake in the depth of the canyon. Scientists believe this valley was shaped by the water erosions and some parts are still changing. The valley was shaped due to erosions caused by Guidarg lake and was related to the forth geology era and is almost twenty thousand years old. Nothing but the image itself can describe the beauty of Rageh canyon, no words can be that dreamy as to describe the feeling you get there. Guidarg lake has been sculpting this beauty and greatness for thousands of years. When you walk at the heart of the canyon beside the rocks and water of the lake the feeling is indescribable and when you stand at the top of the valley as far as the eye can see is peace and beauty, some call this canyon the paradise of the desert and it is worthy of the name indeed.

Meymand village

The rocky village of Meymand is without a doubt one of the most ancient dwellings of the world that has been standing for over twelve thousand years and it is one of the first dwellings in Iran. Meymand village is an illustration of human genius in the past, they used the best form of architecture in the heart of nature with minimum facilities and raw materials. As you walk through the steep upwards entrance root to Meymand you will be fascinated by the breathtaking settlements of local residents. The arrangement of 400 houses known as Kitchen in two five-floor structures reminds you of modern apartments, this includes two thousand five hundreds houses in Meymand. Nobody knows who actually built this paradise but their motivation is very important because they made this safe haven with minimum facilities and a lot of difficulties.

Rayen waterfall

It originates from as river whose roots are in the snowy mountains of Hezar. Rayen waterfall descends in four levels, first level three meters, second four meters, and the third level from the edge of the cliff of the point where a huge rock in locked to the sides and the last level from the huge rock to the bed of the waterfall and the diffusion of water on the rocky sides and the movement in the middle of the trees and the edge of the rocky sides.

The national park of Khabr
exhibition of untouched nature

The national park of Khabr with full forests and plentiful lakes is a window to endangered plant and animal species like the golden eagle and Asian cheetah and it`s called the lost paradise of the desert. When a tourist or a biologist sets foot in this park they become instantly mesmerized. This park is like the exhibition of unique animals and plants and tourists have to expect to be dazzled any second by various interesting things in Baft city of Kerman. The interesting climate which consists of cold, warm and mild weather has caused the creation of different ecologic systems and has created different habitats that created amazing views and a lot of varieties of plant and animal kinds. This park has various plant lives in every corner of its untouched beauty, and every season it welcomes different species. Furthermore a lot species of plants and animals have adapted themselves to climate changes and droughts and the hardships they have encountered but unfortunately there had been some species that went extinct before it became a protected area. The national park of Khabr is the 11th national park of Iran. This park was announced and protected as area under protection in 1350 and as wildlife shelter of Khabr in 1354 and finally in 1370 it became a cultural tourist attraction and was registered in UNESCO and after 8 years it became a national park because of having so many different habitats due to heights and various plains and watershed areas which is very unique in the city and country.

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