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Economy and industry of today`s kerman

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Kerman, the Capital of Farming

The heart of Iranian farming industry is located within Kerman, more than a quarter of all Iranian farms are located within Kerman province. With production of more than 140,000 tons of pistachios yearly, Kerman was known ( up to recent years) as the greatest exporter of pistachios in the world. Currently kerman is know as the third greatest Citrus producer in Iran. 500,000 Hectares of farming land is under saffron production within kerman.
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Handcraft Industry

The Handcraft industry is another aspect that is developed through the tradition and long history that has become very famous within the region, the Hand crafted Persian carpet is one of the most famous items known to foreigners. There are many places around the world that the Persian carpet is being used, such as many palaces, museums and etc. Another very famous handcrafted item is the Pateh of Kerman which is usually made by kermani women and young girls that use colorful threads on a wide piece of cloth, which they call “Ariz (meaning “wide” in Persian)” to make this scarf which is then decorated with beautiful designs. These women use thin needles to design the pateh through their own imagination and creativity that reflects their personality and culture. Walking through the Bazaar of Kerman, you will notice sounds of hammers being smashed on copper, this is the noise of making bowls and dishes that are the main souvenirs of Kerman with more than 6000 years of history that follows this routine.

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