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Food And Beverage

Food and beverage in this wonderful city

Enjoyable and Refreshing Drinks


All the drinks from Kerman whether served hot or cold are herbal & have medical purposes like Fluxweed & chia, which contain; Protein, Iron and Ca. These drinks are served cold with mint-flavored water that will  make you feel refreshing. All these different kinds of tea like chamomile & viper’s bugloss originating from Kerman will give you the taste of relaxation from their richness and purity.

Traditional food

Whenever you hear kerman, food comes first. There is an amazing story behind every kermanian dish that everyone should try. We have a tasty sauce called kashk which is a thick whitish liquid similar to whey or sour cream Uses for topping, kashk-e badamjan base is eggplant and bozghorme is lamb meat these served with kashk, it has it own traditional and fun way of eating. Also, many different kinds of Kebabs will be served right out of our barbecue.

Local Sweets

Herbal and healthy refreshment dosen’t end with just food and dirnks some sweets comes along with the tea you having in the evening or with hookah/shisha you having just to makes you enjoy more of like kolompeh which looks like a pie with a mixture of minced dates with cardamom powder and other flavoring inside. Ghotab and Ghavoot are more delicious with some other ingredients are as good as kolompe

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