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Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds...

Zoroastrian Fire Temple

The religion of Zoroaster is one of the greatest religions in the world, which originated from Iran. One of the main principles, which are considered very important, is to live by three rules: good thoughts, good speech and good deeds. Zoroastrians have a celebration named Sade; it is one of the most ancient celebrations of Iran. According to Iranian calendar it is held at the hundredth day of the winter, according to historical texts it is the day of creation of fire, people believed that in this day the dark and cold of the winter was coming to an end and with collecting a great amount of firewood and the use of the sun they made a fire which destroyed the rest of the cold and warmed the heart of the earth. This tradition is a national celebration and each year a lot of non-Zoroastrians celebrate it to honor their ancestors. This celebration is held in Zoroastrian Atashkadeh(fire-temple) in Kerman every year.
A nation's culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people.

Dwarfs or lilipoot city

Lilipoot is a city in small dimensions that has come out of the heart of the desert near Shahdad, it has been said that the civilization discovered in Shahdad is more than five thousand years old. This small wondrous city is a part of this forgotten civilization, To tell you why this city is known as the city of dwarfs is because of its small structure as the streets, valleys and the oven in the picture (which was obviously used) are all built for people whose height is less than one meter. This city has attracted the attention of archeologists but no one has figured out the reason for the existence of this city, in these investigations a lot of dishes, tools, cemeteries, the burial traditions, different jobs, houses, furnaces even farmlands that appear to have been abandoned were discovered. This city has been located in the path of tourism so if anybody wants to spend a day wondering around this tiny city it would be the adventure of a lifetime.
A nation's culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people.


The city of Daghyanoos was from the Saljuki era and was considered a economical and commercial hub to the east, it is located in Jiroft, which is at the two hundred and thirty kilometers distance to Kerman. According to archeologists the first script was found in Mesotopomia but considering the mud tablets discovered in Daghyanoos which contained geometric drawings, they came to the conclusion that the first script belongs to the five thousand year old civilization of Jiroft. They tried to introduce this fact in a lot of scientific and legitimate archeological conferences, which resulted in the visit of a lot of scientists and archeologists to Jiroft. The interesting point is two thousand and seven hundred years BC people have used scripts and archeologists believe this script is totally different from the the ones in Egypt and Mosotompia and is unique. The city of Daghyanoos is twelve kilometers and according to the archeologists the close inspection of it is going to take over hundred years.

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