Photo By : Sadegh Esmaeili

Ayub cave , The biggest plutonic cave and third biggest in the world

Ayub cave , The biggest plutonic cave and third biggest in the world

Ayub cave, in Ayub mountain there is a foot hold of Ayub the profit and it is the biggest platonic mountain of Iran with the greatest entry. The Ayub mountain which contains Ayub cave is placed in Dahej city of Kerman with the height of three thousand two hundred meters in mountain area which ia a part from range of central mountains. To get to this cave you will have to take Tehran-Bandarabas road from crossroad of Jozam and after thirty five kilometers you get to the cave or from Yazd to Anar after Shams castle and fifty kilometers you reach Ayub cave, the most interesting thing about the cave is it`s wide entry placed in the middle of the mountain very high up, the bee nest shape of the mountain is due to the wind which shaped the rocks by thumping sand on them.

In this place, history has exhibited beauty by showing this metaphorical yawn which is Ayub cave in Dahej city of Shahrbabak, this fatigue cave from passage of life rids you of tiredness with the entry of sixty eight meters width and ninety eight meters height.

A little higher next to the pond there is a flat place and there is a pit that is like Having which is known as wish pond, the locals believe that if you make a wish and throw a stone in it if that stone touches the top and then goes out you get your wish. In the south of the cave in a thin wall there is a hole that is called Hallal Haram ( coacher not coacher) that people try to cross face down.

The footplace of Ayub between the Hallal Haram hole and the pond is a rest place for tired pilgrims. This is a place to rest, pray and eat but not so long ago people camped there at nights but this isn`t the case anymore and it is just a place to stop and rest for a little while.

About hundred and fifty meters higher is the rest place of Mahtabiha, and there is a big foot print belonging to a huge, strong person which they say is Ayub`s. the most important place for pilgrims this one and there is a ladder leading up to it, in front of it there is a place to pray for three people at the time, a little lower there is a place which they claim some children known as Mahtabiha whisper and people in the cave can hear them, at the right of the entry there is a hollow wall which can be reached

With a ladder, a long time ago people built these walls to protect them from their rivals and enemies and the cold.

At the bottom of the mountain there is a huge rock which is known as Barandaz, because the pilgrims can only get near it with modern or old transportation vehicles and they have to walk the rest of the way which takes about an hour so they camp there, this cave is considered one of the biggest caves of Iran and has created an amazing view at the heart of the mountain.

Every year in spring a lot of Iranian people from places like Anar, Rafsenjan, Kerman, Sirjan, Yazd, Mehriz, Harat, Shahrbabak, Khabr, Jozam and other places because of their beliefs for pilgrimage, mountain climbing and camping visit Ayub cave. They believe that Ayub the profit has lived here for a while and now his foothold still remains.